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Feature Ideas For A Health Magazine

A part of living a healthy lifestyle comes from being aware of what this means, and being educated on how you can do so. Therefore health magazines play an important part in educating the people and raising awareness on these habits, and providing tips that makes these healthy practices more accessible and practical to follow. If you are a writer for such a magazine you have an important task of picking the right topics and writing about issues that people need to know more about. Here are some ideas for articles that you can write.

Staying slim

Ways of staying slim is a very popular health issue that a lot of people are interested in. There are many different programs that promise people they will be able to lose weight fast by following a certain diet or taking a weight loss pill. You can evaluate these programs and find out about their health benefits or repercussions. Sometimes people are misinformed about these diets and end up making themselves sick so awareness on these issues can really help safe lives.

You can also promote a more body positive message in your magazine. While other magazines that deal with topics like fashion and lifestyle print pictures of slim models with unattainable body goals you can inform people that they should embrace their bodies. While they might follow a slimming treatment in Singapore they should also have attainable goals and accept that the figures in these magazine might be unattainable and that’s ok.

Avoiding disease

There are seasons of the year when certain diseases spread very fast. You can help people avoid getting sick by reminding them of a few precautionary steps they can take to avoid these diseases. Sometimes these steps are common knowledge but its still best to remind them of these steps such as washing your hands after touching public places like poles in busses and elevator buttons. You can also remind them to take their vaccinations and print out a guide on where they can go to get this done.

Avoiding long term health risks

Sometimes unhealthy practices can lead to long term health risks. For instance, if you eat a lot of meat like bacon you might end up getting high cholesterol or blocked arteries and if you eat a lot of sweets you stand a risk of getting diabetes. Remind your readers to be more mindful of these habits and to cut them from their daily routine as much as possible. They should also be more careful if these diseases run in their family.