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Why Botulinum Toxin Is In Such A High Demand?

One day, you might have surfed the Internet to search about the most toxic substances on Earth. Chances are high that you would have come to known about the botulinum toxin. This toxin is produced by a type of bacteria, Clostridium botulinum, which is actually found in quite a number of places. Some of them are the sediments of water bodies such as lakes and streams, as well in the soil of forests and cultivated lands. The bacteria seem to be present in intestinal tracts of some animal species, such as crabs and a variety of mammals.

As for how dangerous these bacteria and its toxin are, it is first important to understand that under normal conditions, the botulinum bacteria remain in an inactive state, meaning that there won’t be any toxins produced. But under ideal conditions, bacterial spores can produce active bacterial cells which are inevitably going to replicate and produce a population sufficient enough to release the toxin in significant amounts. Remember that this toxin is what causes botulism in human beings, a food poisoning disease which can prove to be fatal if not treated immediately. In fact, a single gram of the botulin toxin is enough to kill one million human beings. If you do your calculations right, you can easily deduce that a few kilograms of this neurotoxin are enough to wipe the human population off the face of the earth. Yet, this same substance is sold in the form of guaranteed Botox in Singapore, a drug widely used in medical and cosmetic treatments worldwide.

Just how do we find such a potent neurotoxin to be used in cosmetic treatments? What does it have in common with things such as an anti-dandruff shampoo or an eye cream for dark circles? One thing that you have to absolutely remember is that dosages are everything when it comes to chemicals drugs and medicines. It is not actually that uncommon to use risky substances as treatment methods, one common example being vaccines, which contain none other than live viruses along with many other additives. Yet they help do their job, which is making us more resistant and sometimes downright immune to many diseases. In the same way, very tiny amount of botulin toxin can be used to treat medical conditions such migraines, muscular disorders and excessive sweating conditions. Additionally, it is also widely used for all kinds of cosmetic surgeries, such as correcting wrinkles and shaping of forehead lines, the chin and the neck.

The reason for this wide array of usages also has to do with the fact that not many people show allergic reactions to botulin. Ultimately, this has paved the way to use a dangerous neurotoxin in treating a variety of conditions and diseases: a landmark of modern medical progress indeed.