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Can Consumption Of Alcohol And Smoking Affect Your Oral Health?

If you are simply looking for the answer for the above question, the answer is yes!
Smoking and drinking can affect your oral health in a very bad way by sometimes creating permanent damages that cannot be easily cured. It is the dentists’ belief that excessive usage of alcoholic beverages and smoking are one of the main causes that can deteriorate your oral health leading to even fatal conditions such as oral cancers.

Therefore below are the ways in which smoking and alcohol can affect your oral health and create permanent damages to your mouth.

Alcohol is mostly made of spirits which have a very strong flavour and odour. When you consume alcohol, the flavours of it will last for a very long time in your mouth because of its strength and will get deposited in the layers of muscles of your tongue and teeth around the gum area.

Chances are right after using alcohol you might not clean your mouth, and that can lead to the deposits to build quickly and be a happy breeding place to many fungi and bacteria. Also, the odour of alcohol is very strong and even after a strong mouthwash; the smell would not easily drift away.

If you are a regular alcohol consumer, the odour will start getting accumulated in your mouth and the stink of it might be very hard to get rid of.
The built up bacteria and fungi if not properly cleaned, can also, start releasing a foul odour and therefore every time you open your mouth, among your friends or at the dental clinic, chances are that you might get blamed for bad breath.

If the odour is not treated as and when it appears it will become a permanent part of your mouth and the deposits will get hardened in and around your teeth, weakening them and making your mouth have a permanent bad smell.

Therefore, right after you use alcohol, wash and rinse your mouth well with clean Luke-warm water and if possible until you reach home, rinse with an anti-bacterial mouth wash to prevent bacteria building up.

Whether you are smoking cigarettes or pot the smoke that you inhale travels to your lungs through your mouth and that can be the most dangerous and the most harmful thing to your oral health.

The caffeine and the nicotine of the cigarettes when deposited take the colour black, just like a deposit of carbon on your teeth. These deposits can quickly turn your teeth yellow and then into brown where a simple tooth brush or floss cannot get rid of the discolouring. Also, the lips which are located on the outside of your mouth can start turning into black or a darker shade with the consumption of cigarettes as it is a direct reflection of the situation inside your lungs.

Right after your teeth your jaws and the muscles inside the mouth will start discolouring and therefore you will have to get frequent gum treatment in Singapore because if not, your jaw muscles will start becoming black. Smoking of any nature makes a big air flow enter your mouth at a very high speed at once for a long time and therefore the air flow will automatically start weakening your teeth and making them extra sensitive and also, the smoke dries out the salivary glands resulting in bad breadth.

Above are the ways in summary forming how alcohol and smoking affects your oral health and even if you are not a regular drinker or a chain smoker, take necessary steps right after consumption if you want to ensure a good oral health.