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Nano Technology To Enhance Your Beauty

Men and women of different races and origin have differing features. If one takes a look at people in the Asian countries whose features have originated from Mongolian races, one would find such men and women to have certain characteristic facial features.

Enhancing eyes and eyebrows

One of the key features, among Asian ladies of Mongolian descent is that, they have slight or very fine eyebrows and small eyes. Usually the eyelashes are very fine and sunk in for such women as per their regional characteristic features. If you look at the eyelash perm demands, such a beauty technique is high in demand among such women to overcome such a limitation as they foresee in themselves. There are different kinds of correction techniques or enhancing cosmetic techniques that are available nowadays. One such technique is the eyebrow embroidery. Such a technique is also called eyebrow hairline stroke. It is not the same as eyebrow tattoos that one often mistake them to be. This is a semi permanent technique that can last for two years even.

About eyebrow embroidery

In such a technique to lip embroidery, colored pigment is added to the skin, which helps to fill in empty spots that are on the brows of a person. That in turn creates a fuller and flawless appearance. The technique is akin to feathering whereby a natural look is achieved by the use of pigments that are matched as per natural eyebrow colors. The area of the desired brow is traced out and this area is then filled with hair like pigments. Eyebrows become more darkened and thickened and more apparent.

Suitable for different face types

This kind of treatment can help enhance the natural brow line of an individual. Mostly opted for by women, it helps them to enhance their natural brows and define them further. For those who have light and fine eyebrows that are barely distinct or when one has suffered hair loss of eyebrows due to medical conditions, this kind of treatment is a great option. Unlike tattoo treatments, the eyebrow embroidery treatment is not painful and is an effective treatment. Though there is a minor invasion included in such a treatment at the time of filling the skin around the eyebrows with pigment, with the right precautionary measures one hardly senses any discomfort during such a treatment.

There are specialty cosmetic clinics that offer such beauty treatment. Such a treatment is relatively new and found mostly in Asian cities where it is in demand.