Best First Date Ideas

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Starting off your relationship on a right note is of utmost importance. This is why the first date plays so much importance and why you have to make sure that it goes off perfectly without a hitch. The success of you first date sets the tone for the rest of your relationship so if you see yourself having a future with your current interest, then we have a few ideas that might help you with the final goal.

Classic dinner
Say what you want, but nothing works like the classic dinner date. It may be the oldest trick in the book, but what’s olden is golden. Nothing says romance like candle light, an Italian restaurant, and a little corner table. The key to this is romance to the level of cheesy but without going overboard. Good food and good wine, can really help make an impression. The success of the night will also depend on how you behave as well, treating your lady like a gentleman but pulling chairs and holding doors is not enough, you need to treat everyone like a gentleman would, waiters, valets, and all.

Activity night
If the best Italian restaurant in Singapore is not exactly what you had in mind, then the next great idea for a date is an activity night. Pick an activity that you both will enjoy, from the age-old bowling and mini golf to something a little more adventurous like go karting or parasailing or even sky diving. Pick an activity that will definitely spark a conversation and leave a memory. Good memories create happiness and that leads to the start of a happy relationship. But, please bear in mind, safety should be first, if you have been drinking, any activity needing concentration is out of the question.

Day time fun
Another good idea for a first date is the day time date. The rumour that lunch dates don’t lead to successful relationships is rubbish, the time of the date wouldn’t matter if you do it right. A day time date would also win some points if your girl is a little bit on the shy side or is a bit sceptical about you. Day time means no secrets and out in the open. It’ll help you to build your relationship on an open and honest basis. The best idea for these dates are brunch and picnics. Brunch is one of the greatest inventions in the culinary world, breakfast foods for lunch- what better reason to smile? Picking the right first date is a must and hopefully our little list will help you in the future.