Tips For Muay Thai Newcomers

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There are many techniques which individuals must focus on. If you are someone who is looking at taking part in this sport then you must make sure that you do follow certain guidelines. You must always stay in control and try to be as focused as possible. It is not very easy for everyone to learn the skill so quickly. You will have to practice during your free time. Here are some tips on muay Thai for any newcomers:

STAY IN CONTROL You must always strive to stay in control of your power. If you do have a game coming ahead then you must be careful when utilizing sparring. You will have to start as slowly as you possibly can. Make sure that you do not kick too hard as you can end up injuring yourself. You might then get fed up of the popular Muay Thai in Singapore too.

DO NOT LET YOUR EGO CONSUME YOU You must always keep your ego at bay. You will be attacked and it will hurt but you must always be ready to accept it. Individuals who do often think that they are too good at what they are doing are the ones who do get hurt the most. You must keep in mind that this sport is a complete contact game. If you are concerned about how you will look after you have been repeatedly sparred then this sport is not the one for you.

COUNT YOUR STRIKESYou must carefully count your strikes. You must not kick just for the sake of it. You must always look for an opportunity before you do begin. You will have to make sure that you do not kick and shout unnecessarily. You can start by kicking slightly and seeing how your opponent will respond to the action. You will have to carefully test the game first to see whether your opponent has any major weaknesses. You can then use this to your benefit. This technique can be used for your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lessons too that is highly effective workout.

UTILIZE VARIOUS COMBINATIONS You must try to utilize various combinations. You must refrain from throwing various kicks around. You must focus on utilizing effective strategies which help you win. Do utilize various combinations if you do want to be as effective as possible. This will help you stay ahead of the competition. Do not forget to utilize your hands as well as feet for the task. You can try a jab and then a kick too. It will help you score more innings.